Activity Tracker


The activity tracker is permanently visible in the lower section of the Start screen. If the activity tracker is disabled, this section remains free. Use the toggle buttons (left and right) to scroll through the values of the activity tracker.

These include steps, calories, day distance, daily target and activity indicator.

Day's target

The day's target is pre-set to 10,000 steps a day. In the settings, you can customise your target. The day's target is divided into three trophy stages:

The gold stage is when you complete the daily target 100%.

Activity indicator

The activity indicator maps your progress towards the day's target graphically using a small figure. The closer you get to your destination the bigger the distance covered by the figure.

If the cadence exceeds a certain value, the figure is displayed in the running position. Once the day's target is reached, there is the winner's pose.

Personal best

As soon as you set up a new training record, the personal best time is displayed. The fastest 1 km / 5 km / 10 km, the longest distance, the longest training time and the most consumed calories are saved. In the menu, you can view your personal best performance with the associated date.

Track recording

The GPS position is constantly saved and used to determine the current speed and distance.

You can view the track in detail in the SIGMA LINK app or the DATA CENTER.

Lap functions

A short tap on the clock display (tap screen), or a button press will set you on a lap. Alternatively, there is the possibility to set automated laps (e.g., 1 km, 10 min, etc.). A maximum of 99 laps are possible.

When you stop a lap, a brief overview of the lap time as well as the distance is displayed. You can view various parameters for the current lap during the training session and look more closely at the clock display after the training. A detailed evaluation is possible via SIGMA LINK and the DATA CENTER.


The sum of the training units, training time, distance and calories are shown on a monthly basis for the last 12 months on the clock display.

Further functions

My Name feature

To personalise the iD.RUN, you can define your own name or any other short text (up to 10 characters) and display it on the start screen.

8 languages

There are eight different languages:
English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Polish and Czech

Three sport profiles

Using the sport profiles, presets can be defined for the respective sports. These can apply to the sensors (for example, GPS) used, but also the display impressions in the training, which can be individually configured.

Automatic start/stop

The iD.RUN has an automatic start/stop function for an even more precise recording of the training time. For example, at a traffic light, the recording need not be paused manually. The clock detects the pause, and stops and starts recording automatically.

Wszystkie funkcje

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