Light for every occasion

120 lumens and more

The Power mode provides an output of 120 lumens. On top of this, the headlamp has a so-called Boost mode that increases the output to 180 lumens for 10 seconds. This is especially helpful if you need extra light for a short time. In Eco mode, the HEADLED II still supplies 10 lumens. Ideal when you need glare-free light such as when you are reading.

Long burn time

Depending on the light mode, a burn time of up to 20 hours is possible in ECO mode. In power mode, the headlamp provides illumination for up to 2.5 hrs.

Adjustable lighting angle

Verstellbarer Leuchtwinkel

If you detach the HEADLED II from the head strap, you can even use it as a small table lamp.

Charging time two hours

Zwei Stunden Ladezeit

With the micro USB cable, the lithium-ion battery can be fully recharged in a maximum of two hours.

2-step charge indicator

2-stufiger Ladeindikator

The permanently lit operating button functions as a charge indicator and, at the same time, shows the battery status. If the battery capacity is above 70 per cent, the LED in the button lights up green and, if the capacity is below 30 per cent, it lights up red.

The LED also shows the current charging level during the charging process.