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    Questions & Answers

    Which Sport profiles are available?

    The sport profiles swimming, running, cycling or other are available.

    Can the heartrate be shown while swimming?

    The heartrate can not be shown during swimming.

    Can buttons be pressed while swimming?

    The buttons can be pressed without hesitation.

    Which sensors can be connected to the watch?

    The connection is possible with ANT+-sensors.

    Can I transfer Smart Notifications to my watch?

    If there is a connection with your smartphone via Bluetooth, Smart Notifications can be transmitted.

    Can the watch strap be changed?

    Yes, you can find all the watch straps in our online shop (www.sigmasport-shop-com).

    What is the difference between the iD.FREE and iD.TRI?

    The watch iD.TRI is especially for the triathlete and the available sport profiles are for the triathlon only. Because of this, the watch has a competition mode especially for the triathlon. The watch iD.FREE is an outdoor watch and has some more sport profiles like skiing and hiking. You can also find various games e.g. Geocaching on it. 

    How can I change my training views?

    The training views can be changed in the Data Center in the sport profile.

    Can I connect my watch with the smartphone?

    You can connect the watch via Bluetooth with the smartphone and the Link App.

    How is the altitude calculated?

    The altitude is determined by a barometric altitude measurement.

    How can I update the firmware on my device?

    The firmware can be updated via the dashboard in the Data Center. Here you will find a direct indication if a new firmware is available.

    How can I connect ANT+ sensor with the device?

    The sensors can be connected under “Settings > Connection”.

    How can I create and transfer Tracks?

    Tracks can be created in the Data Center and transfered via the menu item “transfer to device”.

    Where can I order spare parts?

    Spare parts can be ordered in our Webshop.

    How much does it cost to use the Data Center or the Link App?

    The Link App and the Data Center can be used for free.

    How can I open the shortcut menu?

    During the training you can open the shortcut menu by pressing the right button on the bottom.

    How can I calibrate the altitude?

    The altitude can be calibrated via the shortcut menu.

    How can I delete activites from the watch?

    Deleting activities is only possible through the PC. When you open the windows explorer you can delete the activities in the folder “activity”.

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    Please select firmware
    How do I run an update?
    List of changes – Version

    BLE Transmission
    The BLE transmission speed was improved. All data can now be transmitted faster to the smartphone.
    Sensor technology
    The use of the sensors has been optimised. Now all sensors can be used in all sport profiles.
    Step rate display
    The cadence is now displayed correctly on Strava.
    General display
    Umlauts are now displayed correctly.
    Smart notifications optimised
    Smart notifications are automatically discarded after 10 minutes if no further Smart Notification is received.
    A minor bug with Smart Notifications inside the menu level was fixed.
    Battery status
    The display of battery status was optimized.
    Lap function
    An error with incorrect lap times has been fixed.
    General troubleshooting
    • A minor issue in A-GPS data transmission was fixed.
    • A minor issue with the number of phases in workouts was fixed.
    • An issue was fixed where the last position was incorrectly displayed in the security screen.
    • Other minor bugs have been fixed.
    Fast loading has been added
    The iD.TRI and the iD.FREE can now be charged with up to 1.5A. Depending on the power supply used, the charging time is significantly reduced.


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