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    Frequently Ask Questions & Manuals

    When am I entitled to make a warranty claim?

    You can make a warranty claim in relation to material and workmanship defects. The warranty does not cover batteries, wear-and-tear parts, wear caused by commercial usage, or accidents. You are only entitled to make a warranty claim if the SIGMA product itself has not been opened without authorization and the receipt of purchase is provided.

    Can I connect my iD.Life to the SIGMA DATA CENTER?

    Unfortunately, this is not possible. The micro USB port can only be used to charge the watch.

    Does the iD.Life have NFC?

    The iD.Life doesn’t have a NFC function.

    What is my watch’s battery life?

    The battery service life lasts according to its usage approximately 7 days.

    Is the display always on or only if I press a button?

    The iD.Life’s display is always on.

    How does the iD.Life measure the heart rate?

    The iD.Life uses a PPG sensor to measure the heartrate.

    Are there different wristband sizes?

    The watch only comes with its attached wristband. Thanks to its many setting options, it fits every wrist.

    How does the iD.Life measure the amount of walked steps?

    The iD.Life calculates the amount of steps as a result of your arm’s movement.

    Is my watch water resistant?

    The iD.Life is water resistant with a standard of IPX7.

    How do I turn on the background lightening?

    You can turn on the background lightening with a double tab on your display. Besides that, the background lightening can be turned on by pressing the left and the right button on the bottom together.

    What warranty entitlement do I have?

    Warranty claims can be made in the event of material and workmanship errors. Excluded from the warranty are batteries, elastic straps, textile chest straps, e.g. Comfortex, wear and tear parts and wear due to commercial use or accidents. If no speed is displayed, this can be due to the transmitter or the computer.

    How can I obtain a replacement?

    Accessories are available in the Sigma Webshop https://sigmasport-shop.com/en/.