How does the heart rate measurement work?



The principle of heart rate measurement on the wrist is simple:

Light is irradiated onto the skin and an optical sensor measures the reflection of the light. How much light is reflected is influenced, among other things, by how much blood passes through the illuminated spot. The blood flow changes during the beat of the heart. The heart rate is recorded in this way.

Vibrating alarm

The iD.LIFE gives discreet feedback via the vibration alarm, for example, if a day's target has been achieved and it also helps to monitor the target heart rate better.

This is an important feature particularly in a noisy environment.

Measurement of daily activity

Messung Aktivität

The iD.LIFE uses a 3D accelerometer. By recognising the striking patterns of movement, steps can be detected and recorded.

The distance is measured using this motion sensor. To adjust the measurement accuracy to your own running style, you can calibrate the iD.LIFE, for example, on the track at a stadium.



The backlight ensures ideal readability even in poor light conditions. It is activated by pressing the "+" and "-" buttons at the same time.

Long running time


The integrated lithium battery has a long life of up to 18 days. The iD.LIFE rechargeable battery is fully charged again within a short time using the supplied USB cable.