Large display, optimal readability

The menu items are graphically displayed on the clear display, thus simplifying the operation. The full-dot display provides a rounded user experience. The information is always displayed in optimal size. The iD.LIFE guarantees a good readability and is also suitable for spectacle wearers.

Button functions


The iD.LIFE can be operated intuitively with three buttons. Use the two lower buttons to toggle between the menu items or values. The upper (right) button confirms an action. To return to the menu level, press the "Back" button at the end of the respective menu item.

Stable mineral glass


The used mineral glass lens is clearly more scratch-resistant than plastic. In addition, the reflection of sunlight is minimised and the display contrast is maximised.

Silicone wrist strap


With a flexible silicone strap the iD.LIFE is comfortable to wear on the wrist and can therefore maximise the accuracy of the heart rate measurement. The strap is ideally fixed and bound by the double clasp.