Sport profiles

Your freedom knows no boundaries. The iD.FREE comes with six predefined sport profiles such as running, mountain biking and hiking. Plus an 7th OTH (other) profile can be customized so that any sport can be setup on the sport watch.


The smart algorithm of the iD.FREE calculates swimming-specific values such as the number of laps, the current swimming style or the number of strokes per lap. The smart light indicates whether you are in your target zone, so you can focus on your stroke, not your watch.


When cycling, you can either wear the iD.FREE on your wrist or simply attach it to the handlebar of your bike with the special bracket. This allows you to easily see values such as altitude, speed and turn instructions.


The iD.FREE records all your run-specific values such as speed, cadence and heart rate. And the smart light helps with visual ques to stay within your target zones.


Discovering the world on foot! Thanks to precise altitude measurements, navigation and the current weather conditions provided by the iD.FREE you are perfectly equipped for hiking trips and long walks.


Focus on your performance using the fitness profile and monitor your heart rate limits. The iD.FREE measures heart rate either directly on the wrist or with the use of a chest strap for greater accuracy.


For all the fans of snow and beautiful slopes, the ski profile is not to be missed! The iD.FREE will show you the number of trips up the lift and downhill runs just as it shows you altitude and maximum speed downhill.

Personal views

In the SIGMA DATA CENTER or the SIGMA LINK app you can create six training views with up to three values displayed on the iD.FREE.
That way the most important data is always in view. In addition to the data fields, the watch also creates an altitude profile
or shows you the current weather conditions.

Targeted training

Program your personal target zone (i.e. speed or heart rate) and the smart light will give you information about the current status at any time. This way, you are in complete control of your training.


Safety first! The iD.FREE can automatically detect a fall and will give you 30 seconds to confirm that you are okay. If you are unable, iD.FREE will notify your emergency contacts by SMS that you have fallen. The iD.FREE will also display your important health data as well as your current GPS location.

best times

Your personal bests in each activity will be displayed when you finish your training session. If you set a new personal record, the iD.FREE will display the top numbers after your workout.



With the iD.FREE you will always know where you are going! When paired with the komoot app, the iD.FREE can help you navigate your planned routes. With the route information displayed directly on the iD.FREE and the smart light for visual alerts, it allows your smart phone to stay in your pocket while you stay focused on your goal.



The iD.FREE shows you where to go! Create a track, load it on the watch and start the adventure. Load your tracks on the iD.FREE via the SIGMA DATA CENTER or the SIGMA LINK app. In addition, you can mark individual POIs on your track, which will appear as a note on the display.



Join the world's biggest treasure hunt! Geocaching searches geographic coordinates for hidden "caches". To do so, load your caches from onto the iD.FREE and let the display coordinates and hints lead you to your destination via GPS. You can then sync your found caches with your account.


Activity sprint

Be active! In the activity sprint you set a time of two to five minutes in which you have to move as much as possible. The more you move, the more points you get. The game starts when you reach 50% of your maximum heart rate. Are you ready?


HR Slalom

You will have fun while undertaking interval training with the HR Slalom. Set the duration of the game and start the game at 50% of your maximum heart rate. Then the goal is to reach the heart rate displayed by the iD.FREE as soon as possible. The faster you reach the values, the more points you get.


Speed recovery

Speed recovery is about how fast you can recover. The target is to set a high heart rate and then reduce it by 50% as quickly as possible. The game starts as soon as you reach the high heart rate. The faster you can lower your heart rate by 50%, the more points you get.

Activity tracking

The iD.FREE is not only a remarkable device for outdoor sports, but also proves its worth in everyday life. It counts your steps, calories and distance, measures your heart rate and monitors your sleep phases and sleep duration at night.


Analysis on the watch

On the iD.FREE you will find a summary of your saved training sessions, competitions and activity tracking.
In addition, you will have an overview for each sport profile over the last weeks.


With the SIGMA DATA CENTER and the SIGMA LINK app you will always have your training data available wherever you are. The SIGMA LINK app shows an overview of all data, and for a more in-depth view you can use the SIGMA DATA CENTER to analyze your data. The SIGMA Cloud also allows you to synchronize information between SIGMA LINK app and SIGMA DATA CENTER and to export files to Strava.

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