The SIGMA SPORT DATA CENTER is a powerful software program to evaluate statictics and training sessions on a PC, Mac, or tablet. It is compatible with all ROX series bike computers, Topline 2016, Topline 2012 and Topline 2009 bike computers, SIGMA running computers, the RC MOVE, as well as the SIGMA ACTIV and MOVE apps.



The top of the dashboard provides a summary of the SIGMA device that is connected to the DATA CENTER such as the number of activities saved on the device, the remaining log time, and details about the installed firmware. While the lower half summarizes the activities already imported and stored in the DATA CENTER, displaying important metrics that you can analyze by week, month, or year.

All of your greatest accomplishments are displayed in "Best Results". Personal bests are separated by sport type for more meaningful comparisons. (And so that your runs are not overshadowed by your bike rides.) Best results can also be filtered by calendar year.

Activity Display


All activities that have been transferred to the DATA CENTER are listed in the “Activity Feed” allowing you to quickly access your last training session or workout. You can see the most important values at a glance: duration, distance, altitude, heart rate, and calories.

Different colors are assigned to each activity types to help sort through your many workouts/sessions. Activities can also be filtered by sport type with a simple click. This also changes the comparison charts and statistics shown below the activity feed.

Flexible use

The SIGMA DATA CENTER can be used via PC/MAC, iPads and android tablets.

SIGMA compatibility check

Here you can check if your SIGMA SPORT device is compatible with SIGMA DATA CENTER or SIGMA LINK App