Large click button

Large click button

The large button with tactile ON/OFF response can be easily operated even when wearing gloves. The front light is switched on by double-clicking and switched off again by holding it down. This function prevents unwanted switch-on in the backpack. With a simple click you switch through the different light modes.


360° bracket

The screw bracket fixes the BUSTER 300 sturdily on the handlebar and can be adjusted laterally by 360°. A flexible silicone holder is available as an option.* This is suitable for all handlebar shapes and can also be quickly attached and removed.

*The complete set with the NUGGET II comes with the BUSTER 300 with silicone bracket.

Flexible mounting


The BUSTER 300 is supplied with the screw bracket. An adapter for attachment to action camera holders is included in the scope of supply.

Battery/charge indicator

Battery/charge indicator

The operating button doubles up as a charge indicator that shows the battery status. If the battery capacity is below 75 per cent, the LED in the button lights up green and, if the capacity is below 25 per cent, it lights up red. The LED also shows the current charging level during the charging process.

Ideal temperature management

temperature management

Cooling ribs on the underside of the light ensure good heat dissipation.

Short charging time

The battery is recharged in just 3 hours using the micro USB cable. The device can also be recharged while in use.

Strong rechargeable battery

The integrated lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 2000 mAh and  features protection against overcharging and excessive discharging. It can be recharged at any time using the supplied USB cable.



The BUSTER 300 is resistant to splashing water pursuant to international standard IPX4 and therefore fully suitable for outdoor use.

Light & compact

With only 103 g including holder, the BUSTER 300 is lightweight and compact.