Accurate and comprehensive readings

Flexible heart rate measurement

Flexible heart rate

The high-quality PPG sensor makes it easy to measure heart rate on the wrist. For ECG-accurate heart rate measurement, you can also use a chest strap.
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GPS measurement


GPS integration allows the iD.TRI to offer the highest accuracy with the lowest power consumption. Parameters such as speed and distance are recorded precisely and efficiently with GPS.

3-axis compass


With the integrated compass, you can accurately determine your current position. The compass works along side your GPS signal, so that the direction of movement is correctly aligned even when stationary or with a weak GPS signal. This allows you to orient yourself with the compass anywhere in the world.

                    altitude measurement

Barometric altitude

The altitude is precisely determined by barometric air pressure .The iD.TRI can measure the altitude as well as the temperature.

Acceleration sensor


The integrated acceleration sensor can measure your steps, distance, cadence, sleep phase, and swimming style. When you turn the GPS off, your speed and distance will be determined by the sensor.

External sensors


Do you need more data or higher accuracy for your values? Thanks to ANT+ and Bluetooth (BLE), external sensors for power, speed, heart rate, and cadence can be connected.


Thanks to Bluetooth Smart (BLE), ANT+, and USB interface, the iD.TRI can be paired with your smart phone, PC/MAC, external sensors, and 3rd party apps such as Komoot.


The Smart Notification feature keeps you updated on incoming calls and messages from your phone via vibration and Smart Light.

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data exchange

The supplied charging clip can be connected to any USB connection for charging. This make data exchange and charging of the iD.TRI quite easy.

Watertight sport watch

The iD.TRI can be worn in any kind of water. Whether in a lake, ocean, or swimming pool, iD.TRI is watertight up to 5 ATM for all swim training and general use in wet conditions.