Compact power pack

The BUSTER 300 is the all-rounder for every occasion. With 300 lumens and 70 metres of light range, it gives you the best view of roads and paths. Four light modes and a fade-in and fade-out function ensure that just the right amount of light is always available. With the slider you can easily detach the power light from the holder and quickly attach it again.

Viewing distance

Amount of light

Burn time

Light comparison

Four light modes

The BUSTER 300 has the 3 continuous light modes Power, Standard and Eco as well as a Flash mode. The maximum burn time varies depending on the light intensity.

Light comparison

  • Power
    300 Lumen

  • Standard
    150 Lumen

  • Eco
    70 Lumen

  • Flash

Operating concept

All models of the BUSTER series have switch-on protection and are activated with a double-click and switched off with a long press of the button. With a simple press you can switch through the different light modes.

If the BUSTER 300 is switched on, you can double-click directly to the highest level or dim to the lowest level.